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HTML 5 LogoHTML & CSS Training Course

Course Objectives

Users will learn how to code and develop responsive web sites and apps using HTML for structure and CSS for styling. Also, you will review current best practices for HTML5 and CSS3.

Course Modules

The following modules will be will be covered on the course.

  1. HTML Syntax
  2. Working with Metadata
  3. Adding Text and Media
  4. Working with Colour
  5. Working with Lists
  6. Working with Links
  7. Adding Tables
  8. Creating Forms
  9. Validating HTML
  10. CSS Syntax
  11. Styling Text
  12. Styling Tables
  13. Working with Images
  14. CSS Navigation
  15. Styling Forms
  16. CSS Box Model
  17. CSS Positioning
  18. Responsive Web Design

Target Audience

This course is intended for new users to web programming.

Course Reviews

An in-depth study of the new features of HTML5 and CSS3. Can't wait to put all this into practice.
Malcolm Greene - Portsmouth International Port