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Microsoft C# LogoASP.NET MVC Web Applications with C# Training Course

Course Objectives

ASP.NET supports three different development models, Web Pages, MVC (Model View Controller) and Web Forms. In this three day course learn how to build ASP.NET web apps using the MVC model to define your app with 3 logic layers, model = the business layer, view = the display layer, controller = the input control.

Course Modules

The following modules will be will be covered on the course.

  1. Navigating Visual Studio (IDE)
  2. Navigating Visual Studio
  3. Getting started with MVC
  4. Routers
  5. Controllers
  6. Views and Razor
  7. Views and Models
  8. Revision of Classes
  9. Database Access Methods
  10. Entity Data Framework
  11. Extending Entity Models
  12. Basic LINQ
  13. Returning LINQ Data
  14. Advanced LINQ
  15. View Models
  16. Reusing Views
  17. Configuring and Deployment
  18. Using SASS

Target Audience

It is advantageous that users have an understanding of the C# language and HTML

Course Reviews

Excellent 1 to 1 - interesting and engaging. I will be continuing with C#, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Andrew Seaman - Private Attendee

My first experience of coding and thought I would start with this course. I was in a small class with 2 others and thought I may get lost as they both had more knowledge. The tutor was exceptional and ensured that the course catered to all of us. Thank you.
Michael Brown - Affinion International