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Visual Basic LogoProgramming with Visual Basic Training Course

Course Objectives

This Visual Basic three day programming course will introduce your to writing console applications using the Visual Studio IDE. Learn how to program the graphical user interfaces for Visual Basic programs.

Course Modules

The following modules will be will be covered on the course.

  1. Getting Started with Visual Basic and the Visual Studio IDE
  2. Working with Forms and Controls
  3. Using Variables and Arrays
  4. Working with Procedures
  5. Decision Structures and Loops
  6. Validating User Input
  7. Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic.NET
  8. Handling Errors and Exceptions
  9. Enhancing the User Interface
  10. Web Forms and XML Web Services
  11. Using ADO.NET
  12. Deploying Applications

Target Audience

This course is intended for new users to the Visual Basic language who want a thorough understanding of Visual Basic fundamentals, perhaps before moving on to developing web and desktop applications using Visual Studio.

Course Reviews

The concise modules within the visual basic course enabled me to understand the basics of Visual Basic easily. I am looking forward to attending the Visual Studio course.
Timothy Shaw - PCC